What StackForYourself is meant to be

This site is a place to find resources to support developers both new and experienced. Check out the roadmap for an overview of how this site is intended to be used.

My vision for this site was simple: to have a place on the internet where I can share all the resources I've collected since starting down the road to becoming a web developer. It beats out having a bunch of Evernote files sitting in a private location where no one else can see.

As much as we've all been exposed to images of isolated geeks sitting in dark rooms bashing away at undecipherable programs on old-school terminals, code is a collaborative experience. We all get to contribute, share, support, and reuse code. This is one of my contributions.

Who I am


I’m Esther! I usually use ‘full stack web developer’ to describe what I do on a day-to-day basis, but it’s easier to say that I’m simply a curious person who likes to stick my nose where I have no business sticking it. I love coding, get excited about web development, and love sharing what I know with others.

I’m elsewhere on the internet, and I would love to hear from you about your web development journey.