Front-end JavaScript Frameworks

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Read this to get started understanding the front-end context: “The Front-Ender’s Guide to the Galaxy”.

There’s quite a lot of JavaScript frameworks to choose from! Here’s an article to help you decide which one you’re going to learn. Here’s another one discussing the top current frameworks and topics to learn.

Check out this great roadmap: “From Zero to Front-end Hero, Part 2” (Part 1 is for HTML & CSS).

“What JavaScript framework should I learn?”

My 2 cents: Angular.js, developed by Google, and React, developed by Facebook, are coming out on the very top. Angular looked like it was taking the lead for a while, but now React is making a much stronger leap forward, and it looks like it’s going to emerge as the winner in terms of popularity, ease of use, and demand.

Learning JavaScript in today’s world can be pretty messy, and even experienced developers can find themselves at a loss in this new JavaScript ecosystem.

JavaScript Frameworks




Not actually a framework, it’s basically JavaScript on the back-end. Node.js plus Express.js is the beginning of a beautiful back-end app!