Differentiating Programming Languages

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Check out RosettaCode, a place to see different languages solving the same problems: helps you get a sense of how languages differ in their syntax and philosophies.

Plenty of people suggest you have a systematic approach to learning a new language. Here is one such suggested plan and I think if you can do all or most of this list with a language of your choosing then you are definitely at the level of being paid to write code. And also to be my hero.

That being said, languages can be kind of ridiculous. :)

Different Languages

If you’re trying to check on different syntax concepts in various languages, SyntaxDB is a truly incredible resource, and you can read more about SyntaxDB here.



A very very cool language developed by Google and currently taking off. Based on the concept of multithreading: opens up new threads to handle new processes and deliver results incredibly quickly.



C is a powerful language that gives programmers the opportunity to exact wide control over their code and programs. It’s incredibly fast, and many other languages, like Ruby, are actually written in it.


“Fast like C, slick like Ruby”: Ruby-like syntax but incredibly fast.


A functional programing language with a loving following.


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