Ruby on Rails

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Prerequisite: understand how the Internet works, how apps make and respond to requests, and other essential networks.

Rails powers some very cool sites online, like Shopify, AirBnB, Basecamp, Bloomberg, Couchsurfing, Github, Goodreads… and on and on. Ruby, especially on Rails, has a tremendous amount of power for building and deploying quickly, making it especially popular among startups.

Use Kaffeine if you are hosting your site on Heroku and don’t wait it to sleep at the wrong times!

Get clarity on your RESTful routes with Restular (but keep in mind that its actual syntax is meant more for Sinatra).

Here are the different areas you need to be competent in in order to work with Rails. It’s a great high-level but concise overview.

Tutorials and books: free and essential

Other books and courses

Rails 5


Testing Rails applications

Great Rails-specific gems to know

Rails and the front-end

Managing dates and timezones

User authentication

Deployment, Heroku, and managing deployed apps

Production-level apps

Great articles and mini tutorials

Emails and mailers